Lighting Control Systems


Whether you need a new lighting system or simply wish to update the existing lighting system in your home or office, TheaterPro can provide you with an entirely new lighting control system. At TheaterPro, we provide a complete array of lighting and home electrical solutions and are eager to design and install an impressive lighting control system in your business or home.

Having control of your lighting can reduce your energy costs and improve your quality of living. Lighting can enhance the look, feel and functionality of a room or exterior of your home.

Set different levels of lighting in the kitchen, like bright for cooking and dim for a midnight snack. Pre-program relaxing or dramatic lighting for all occasions (entertaining, nighttime, dinner, and romance). You control your environment and set the stage for your room. Don’t forget the convenience of having an “All Off or Away” function, which may turn every light off at the touch of a button, as well as put the house into an “Away” mode and arm your alarm.

Product spotlight: If you are building a new home, choose Savant’s hard wired lighting solution. With a Savant lighting control system, you can integrate it with a complete Savant automation system or it can be used as a standalone lighting control system. The choice is yours! If your home has traditional lighting fixtures, Savant has a lighting control solution for you as well.


TheaterPro specializes in a variety of lighting control systems that will dramatically reduce energy costs, improve convenience, and add value to your home or business. We can customize a unique lighting concept that is tailored to your existing system. We offer a broad range of lighting possibilities, including the following:

  • Mood lighting
  • Remote control lighting systems
  • Integrated lighting
  • Home theater lighting

No matter which configuration you choose, rest assured that you will receive TheaterPro's prompt, reliable service. Whether it's a single home theater system or your entire house or office building, we can design and install a system with a measure of quality that's unparalleled by the competition. Call us today for more information or to schedule an estimate and discuss your needs.

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