“Kevin and the crew at TheaterPro where great, they really are pros at what they do. I consider myself somewhat of a pro myself when it comes to audio systems, but nothing like this. I had a multi room audio system installed and TheaterPro did it all. They also set up 3 TVs, all working great with surround sound. Outside in the backyard I had no less than 4 speakers installed, fantastic! If you want the best, look no further.” - John in Getzville

“A little more than a year ago, my husband and I decided to rip-out the old entertainment center that was the fashion 15 years ago and update everything with a flat-screen TV and all of the stuff that goes with it. It seemed that we spotted a TheaterPro truck in our Clarence neighborhood much of the time, so we placed a call to them along with 2 other reputable firms in the area to discuss our options and pricing. They put us in touch with a firm that also would build a custom cabinet to house all of the equipment that we wished to remain unseen below the flat screen. They worked closely with my designer and made the entire project look as if it was part of the original room design.

After several meetings and proposals from the other companies, we felt most at ease and assured in dealing with TheaterPro. This was a daunting experience since our satellite dish was being replaced with cable, all the stereo equipment was being updated, TiVo and DVR were added, new in-wall speakers, well, you get the picture. Their due diligence in getting the old system removed while preserving all the wiring that fed all the in-house room by room speakers that were a part of the original installation was a sight to behold! It was a daunting project for me, they handled it all with ease and confidence that in the end would be better than we had imagined!

We have had a few additions since that installation, and a couple of problems, and Erik has been extremely responsive to each and every phone call and request. It is with pleasure and absolutely no reluctance that I strongly recommend the professional, knowledgeable and expedient service that TheaterPro is able to provide. Our experience was just as they promised, fabulous!!” - Don & Shari

“We really enjoyed doing business with you ~ Everyone was easy to work with, friendly, professional, knowledgeable - It was truly a great experience (after a BAD one with a certain other local company). We will definitely be recommending you to all of our friends and family!!” - Kim Gxxxxxx

“I am writing this letter of recommendation for TheaterPro due to the fact that I am very impressed with quality of their product, customer service and attention to detail. After much research in the market, I selected TheaterPro to install a major audio/visual system in my home. Without question, this company provides only the most up to date, cutting edge technology available in our area. They have always been responsive to any issue that I needed addressed. I am continually impressed by their extensive knowledge of their industry. They are talented and very personable individuals who I fully intend to use again for any of my A/V needs and will recommend their products and services to anyone who is interested in superior technology and services.” - Paul F. Ciminelli, President and CEO, Ciminelli Development Company, Inc.

“I wanted to express my extreme gratitude on your excellent service. I would highly recommend your Company to anyone interested in installing any and all types of electronic equipment including but not limited to, sound systems, surround sound, high definition flat screen TVs. Your installation was done in an extremely timely manner and your after service is great. I was extremely impressed with the way in which you took the time to install everything properly and then train me on the products. You even helped resolve issues created by another outside vendor in order to make my experience with your products enjoyable. I am extremely grateful to my builder for recommending you and I would certainly have no problems recommending you to anyone else.” - Mark J. Preskop

“This correspondence is in response to a request for recommendation of service for TheaterPro Inc. I am able to make such recommendations based upon recent services provided at my home. Although one can be overzealous when recommending the services of a colleague or business, I do not feel such is applicable when lauding the outstanding level of service, follow-up, and "know-how" provided by TheaterPro Inc. and their employees. I first approached TheaterPro to hear their opinions on a customized home theater as well as potential operations for its construction, component organization and financing. One of the prime concerns that I had at the time following discussions with multiple other companies was the ability and interest of the company at hand to provide follow-up services following the completion of the project.

As a surgeon, I often find that the care provided to a patient following an operation is as critical and essential as the operation itself. The ability to provide such care in the business world is, I feel, the sine qua non of an ideal business relationship. I certainly did not want to involve myself in a project bereft of such 'post-operative care' particularly when making such a large investment. In consulting with various other companies I did have a general idea as to the level of quality I expected from the components of the system. However, I soon learned the limitation of my own understanding of the complexities and vagaries of home theater design. This is where I feel TheaterPro truly outshone the competition.

Their level of expertise, ability to explain the details of design, construction and component organization were unparalleled. Most of the products presented to me were at the vanguard of their respective fields and ran the gamut in terms of corporations and costliness. TheaterPro's full grasp of these products was paramount in my eyes. Following my initial discussions with the team I firmly believed in the level of support they were offering to provide, the comprehensive expertise and knowledge base they were bringing to the table. To wit, it was a rather simple decision when it came time to decide with whom I was going to go. In summary, I cannot offer a high enough level of recommendation for the services, level of follow up, and ability to make the whole process as seamless as possible. For those that make the decision I did when allowing TheaterPro to serve you, I cannot congratulate you enough on joining a new world of home theater enjoyment and appreciation.” - Parag Pxxxxx

"TheaterPro has provided superior quality and service at a very reasonable price point in several different applications ranging from residential to industrial audio/video equipment installations Their service is consistently timely and the technicians can be counted on to properly assess and address any equipment anomalies which are seldom. I do find them to be very unique in that they will usually advise of any audio/video packages that they know will not ultimately satisfy their customers both in the near or long term. Essentially, they stray away from installing sub-par equipment. However, they will provide several different levels of price points based on equipment quality to meet customer's budget requirement. The entire organization is very credible and have excellent work ethics and behaviors. They can be trusted!" - Ron Lee

“I recently built a new house. My builder suggested that I listen to multiple companies that can assist me with my ideas for entertainment in separate areas of my house. When speaking with Erik at TheaterPro I felt comfortable that I was making the right decision to utilize their services. After discussing my ideas we came up with a budget that was sensible for what I wanted. Erik worked with the individual that was building my fireplace as I wanted my components built in with the fireplace. By working together it came out beautiful. I'm not the riches guy in the world and my budget was not comparable to a high end customer, but I never since I met Erik felt as though I was anything less. I now have amazing plasmas in both my master bedroom and game room with full surround sound in the ceiling with amazing sound and clarity. I allowed Erik to make all the choices for me for all my components and his choice for my plasma's which are NEC, they are amazing. Whenever I have needed him, for whatever the issue was since the installation, he has been there to address them with courtesy, quickness and professionalism. I will use TheaterPro for any future needs and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants the very best service.” - Russel B.

“I come from a background of Engineering, both Aerospace and Electrical. In my 30 years of professional journey I've learned that some of the best and most creative solutions to technical problems do NOT have to be complex. I found working with TheaterPro to be an absolute breath of fresh air! They created an eye dazzling home theater solution for our home that was not only exciting, but simple to operate for both my wife and I. They even respected my budget providing several cost effective solutions for my needs. The installation team was courteous, professional, knowledgeable and detailed. Their focus on customer satisfaction was uncompromised. I would strongly recommend TheaterPro without hesitation for any A/V needs, especially those looking for brilliantly simple solutions mixed with state of the art technology.” - Mark B.

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